The wide range of ITALGELATINE’s Gelatine Solutions products also includes custom blends and granulated powders developed to meet the needs of each single Customer.


Italgelatine is able to produce every type of custom-made pre-mix, working to customers’ bespoke recipes. The ingredient and/or functional solutions developed and tested by R&D are produced in dedicated plant. It is here that the pre-mixes are conceived for the food industry (from functional blends and aromatic mixtures, to pre-mixes designed to improve taste, quality, shelf-life and texture) or the nutraceutical sector.


Attentive as ever to innovation, Italgelatine can develop tailor-made granulated gelatine projects.

A new technology that allows for other elements (such as vitamins, sugars, starches, mineral salts and functional ingredients among others) to be incorporated into granules of gelatine, improving their solubility and optimizing their use. Our R&D team guarantees technical support for the development of new products and the solving of any critical production issues.

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