An extremely versatile raw material, gelatine can be used in endless ways. A pudding would lose its consistency, yoghurt would turn liquid and the little coloured jelly babies wouldn’t even exist without it.

The various declinations of use are not however just limited to the food sector. It is fundamental for any capsule used in medicine, an essential element for the restoration of antique books as well as protecting your fond memories captured on photographic film.

There is no other element in the world that can have such a polyhedric use, in the same time be such a vital protein-based source.

Gelatine is obtained from a partial hydrolysis of collagen, which is the major protein tone element of skin, bones and connective tissue in animals.

The high nutritional value of food gelatine, practically 85% pure protein, gives an extremely important role in food thanks to its physical-chemical properties and the composition of fundamental amino acids for human life (the gelatine contains 18 amino acids of which 8 out of the 9 are essential ones).

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