Collagen is the protein that is majorly present in man and animals. It carries out a fundamental function in protecting and makes organs and tissues function. It conveys strength to bones, mobility to articulations, elasticity and brightness to skin giving also lucidity and beauty to hair and nails.

Hydrolysed collagen is requested more and more by the market every day, created thanks to a protease process by which specific enzymes are introduced which interrupt the protein chain allowing the peptide to go through the intestinal walls and thus enter the blood flow.

Its use is multiple, going from pharmaceutical and food sectors to that of nutraceutical and cosmetics industries.

Italgelatine boasts a production department entirely dedicated to hydrolysed collagen and is therefore able to provide a complete range of personalised products on the basis of specific needs. Italgelatine produces bovine and porcine collagen matrix as well as fish collagen matrix.

All our hydrolysed collagen products are manufactured using accurately selected raw materials and can be requested with the following origin:

  •  Pig
  •  Calf (halal and kosher)
  •  Fish (kosher)

Italgelatine’s hydrolysed collagen can be supplied in both granulate form or without granulation allowing an increased flexibility in use.

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