Italgelatine oers a range of specific instant gelatine products with registered trademark. These gelatine products for the food sector aim to support and speed up food processing without adulterating the flavour of the other ingredients. The traditional and “ever-green” cold soluble gelatines (ItalgelCold®) are flanked by new products created to optimize product yield in the various sectors.

ItalgelFast® innovates cooking methods making gelatine leaves obsolete. Fast and easy to use, ItalgelFast® is dedicated to Chefs and to all professionals in the HO.RE.CA. sector.
Available in 500 gr. buckets or in convenient sachets at well-stocked retailers, ItalgelFast® is used evermore in sweet and savoury dishes.

ItalgelPlus®, mainly for industrial use, features the same fast and easy-to-use characteristics. It is sold in bags and it is possible to adapt the bloom to the desired use.

Gelio® is a non-allergenic gelling agent created specifically for feeding patients with dysphagia. Gelio® received the approval from the Italian Ministry of Health thanks to its characteristics.


A range of Instant Gelatines of dierent Bloom and Mesh for industrial use:

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