Thanks to a highly specialized work team with technical expertise and a R&D department which oversees all aspects of the production, from its design to the final product, Italgelatine® is totally able to meet its customers’ requirements and find the most adequate solutions to their needs. Indeed, one of the features of Italgelatine® is the “personalisation” of the products and services providing the possibility of “made to measure” productions in line with the requests. Passion, know-how and experience allow the Italgelatine® team to find ever new solutions, improving production processes constantly.

The proprieties and diverse use of gelatine have permitted Italgelatine® to be a main player with top class quality products in all sectors of use of this precious raw material, from the food industry to healthcare and wellness sectors, with important declinations in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields. Many other applications cover those of pet food, technical sectors such as photography, fertilisers and restoration.

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