Many people may not be aware that gelatine also has numerous applications in areas other than food and pharmaceuticals.italgelatine_speciali

This material has been linked to the photographic sector for decades. Photographic gelatine can be used in the production of film, giving it photo sensibility and controlling the growth of crystals.

Thanks to its peculiar elasticity and its gelling properties, gelatine is also used in the restoration field, both as an ingredient of particularly valuable stuccos, and as a “natural glue” in restoration of worn or torn pages of old books.

Many wall paintings use gelatine to increase their adhesive power, increasing the quality level of the products.

Gelatine can be used in infinite other applications: it coats the tips of matches; it is used to make lubricants and other industrial products: it is used in the creation of compost, agents and softening of leather, as well as in the production of biodiesel.

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