Gelatine has numerous applications in the pharmaceutical sector.

For example, in hard or soft capsules, pills, vitamin preparations, volume expanders, haemostatic sponges as in many other products.

A huge amount of medicines are in powder or liquid form contained in a gelatine shell, and they may be hard or soft, the latter being preferred for liquid or semi-solid content. Hard or soft capsules are easy to digest, and oer a high level of bioavailability, and protect the active principles of the medical product.

pastiglieIn pills or capsules , gelatine functions as a gelling agent, and can help to gradually release the active ingredient. In addition to being an indispensable component of many medicines, gelatine may also be used in “lifesaving” drugs, or to resolve simple but potentially serious domestic accidents. In fact the haemostatic sponges used to stop haemorrhages are made of gelatine.

But the applications of gelatine in the pharmaceutical sector do not end there. Contact us for further information.

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