alimentareIt’s there, but you can’t see it. Gelatine is an essential ingredient for many recipes, with a wide variety of uses, as a gelling agent, stabilizing agent, emulsifier or thickener – and it is also a source of protein. It is a versatile and multiform material whose main use is in the food sector.

In particular, it is used for sweet foods, giving the right texture to cakes and puddings, and the right creaminess to fillings and toppings. Gelatine makes biscuits perfectly crunchy, and helps during freezing and thawing out.

It’s there, and you can see it. It’s the basic ingredient for gummy
candy, like the famous gummy bears, making it elastic, clear and bright – and making it impossible to stop after eating just one. Even fish, meat and sausages use gelatine, which, apart from acting as a gelling agent, increases the protein content.

Gelatine also plays an important role in clarification and flocculation of wine, reducing turbidity and regulating tannin content. Gelatine is also used to make beer and fruit juices clear.

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